Network Hardware Depot

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Network Hardware Depot has been committed to providing quality Used, Refurbished and even New Cisco equipment to the industry for years. We pride ourselves on the ability to test and refurbish used equipment in order to withhold our reputation. When equipment arrives to us we thoroughly inspect every aspect of it. We are based in Omaha, Nebraska whcih means we are centrally located allowing for easy shipping and logistics anywhere in the US.


Our objective is to ensure the client gets exactly what they ordered. Every piece of equipment goes through our thorough testing procedure. This include packet testing on every port, signal strength on all fiber connections and throughput verification. We leave no detail to spare when it comes through out facility. Equipment is checked cosmetically for any defects, scratches and scuffs. We have an in house paint facility that can refurbish the equipment into looking almost new. The small things matter to us and LEDs, fans and connector wear is all inspected.


Gone are the days of picking up refurbished equipment just for labs and test environments. With our Standard 1 Year Warranty, everything is covered. Advanced replacements are the first thing we take care of when something does happen to a piece of our equipment. This allows the client complete piece of mind, knowing that any issue that comes up is promptly taken care of and allows for the least amount of downtime possible.


Everyone knows that getting equipment to where it is needed is important. We are located centrally in the United States allowing for the best coverage and fastest shipping possible to all corners of the US. Same day shipping is always available with items in stock. Shipping is not just limited to the US, we ship worldwide and have many shipping options available.