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Buy-Back Program

Companies are always working to get the most return our of their investments. Purchasing networking equipment isn’t any different. With budgets and the current economic state its ever more important to get the most of out what you buy. When you decommission equipment what do you do with it? Where do you send it? These are questions that are important to any company of any size. Why not get every penny you can for the equipment you invested in?


Network Hardware Depot offers their customers with more than just quality hardware. We also assist with getting rid of your old equipment. Our Buy-Back program is setup to get you the most for your equipment and also make it easy for you. Here is just a small list of what we do with this program:


  • Provide shipping labels or even freight pickup
  • Payments are sent as soon as the equipment arrives here and is tested
  • All equipment is cleared of any config from previous ownership
  • Any equipment with no value is sent to recycling facilities


It is as simple as sending over a list of equipment you have laying around. We send you a quote of exactly what we would pay and make it hassle-free after that. The longer you wait the more your investment depreciates. Take a quick look through your storage now and it may even pay for a new upgrade that is needed.


Contact our Buy-Back program manager/buyer at: